[mongodb-user] Why is denormalized data nested in mongodb?
Samuel Chow
2018-12-07 21:06:26 UTC
So I've been doing some research on creating the correct data model for my

Something I noticed in examples has been that when data is denormalized it
is usually nested in the data record.


{ // Build Info
_id : ObjectID("M"),
date : "2018-12-07",
buildVersion : ""

{ // Test Data
_id : ObjectID("A"),
buildRef : {
_id : ObjectID("M"),
buildVersion : ""
data1 : 1.0
data2 : 2.0

buildRef key is used contains another key/pair.

I was thinking if I was to search Test Data using a Build Info
ObjectID("M") wouldn't querying be inefficient since mongodb needs to go
one layer deeper into the nested record?

Could this be a bit more efficient?

_id : ObjectID("A"),
buildRef_id : ObjectID("M"),
buildRefBuildVersion : "",
data1 : 1.0
data2 : 2.0

I'm sure there is a reason the examples are written this way. Maybe mongodb
doesn't care and its just as efficient. Any enlightenment would be great.
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